Partita a-moll,BWV 1013(Schott GA 525)
A transcription of Bach's Partita for flute solo. The here published version tried to enrich the original with a second individual voice, such as Bach could have written. As a transcription of special interest for all guitarists, technically rather advanced.
Blue Waltz for Flute and Guitar (Schott GA 536)
A transcription of the charming Jazz piece by the german composer Eduard Pütz.
5 Sonatas (BalkaNota, Sofia)
Transcriptions of the Harpsichord Sonatas K 377, K 148&149, K 380 and K 201. The book contains two well known pieces (K 377 and K380) and three less well known Sonatas (K148,K149, K201)
Balkanska Sonata (BalkaNota, Sofia)
A big piece (duration about 43 minutes), aAlmost like a symphony on the guitar. This Sonata, exploring all the musical possibilities of the classical guitar, is a “must” for every guitarist who is interested in the guitar repertoire from the Balkans.
Rondo Capriccioso (BalkaNota, Sofia)
An interesting contemporary piece.